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The company ALVEST MONT s.r.o., which was established in 2003, is busy with the planing, production, delivery, and construction of technological devices for waste water treatment plants.

For more informations please click to our web site www.alvestmont.sk.

Our advantages are :
- technology knowledges of the biological water treatment of municipal and industrial waste waters e.g. :

  • sewage waters from slaughtery, meat and milk processing
  • sewage waters from livestock breading as – pig ,cattle and poultry breading and s.o.
  • sewage waters from fish breading and processing of them
  • sewage waters from brewery, winery, distillery and production of soft drinks
  • sewaqge waters from proceeding of fruit and vegetables, canning plants
  • sewage waters from sugar factory, starch factory, processing of potatoes, corn
  • sewage waters from chemical industry, processing of crude oil, plastic production
  • sewage waters from pharmaceutical industry
  • sewaqe waters from textile industry
  • sewage waters from the cleaning of tank trucks, carriages, naval vessels

- a longlife experience by planning and realisation of deliveries of technological devices to abroad and attested methods of cooperation with foreign designers by designing of water treatment plants, abroad.

- we designe in  3D  Solid Works, in this way, client will have a visual imagination already by the project about the configuration of the whole construction and more over, the planning in  3D minimizes the possible mistakes of planning.

- in cooperation with our dutch partner, mainly for industrial waste waters, we are able to designe and realise fashionable and effective systems of biological water treatments by using membrane separation with the help of the Mitsubishi membranes. The common know-how, practically experiences - realized referencies – help us to project and design a very effective, simple and on the same way feasible solutions, which minimize the investments and production costs, for the client. The membrane separation, whitout of technological know-how is not enough.

- global knowledge of the european market in the products and production of devices and technologies for the treatment of waste waters. It allow to us to designe those, by the price and technologie, optimale solutions.

- a very good price level in comparison with the same quality of competitors.

We offer :
- Elaboration of the project of the technological part of the new water treatment plant, or for the reconstruction of the old one.

- Elaboration of complete project records for the developer of the construction, also the engineering for the external planner of construction, for to prepare a good quality project by the keeping of standards and regulations of the given country.

- Delivery of complete technological devices, due to our project, or due to a part of them, by the decision of the investor, based on our budget.

- In the case, the investor will decide himself for a good control system, it is possible to offer also the following services, what means the direction and controlling of the whole treatment plant by

- our company through a internet connection.

In the contract of the project planing documentation of treatment plants we will allways keep the obligation, that in case of unsuccessfully runing of the treatment plant, we will pay back the whole ammount of the done payment. Therefore investors can be sure, that they will get a really good project.

The same procedure is also valid in case of we cannot keep the quality of our equipment and the requierd chemical datas of the treated water, we will pay back the whole ammount of the payments, included the whole costs for demounting of the devices.

Sincerely Yours

Ing. Pijak Pavol
general manager

Ochodnica 60
023 35 Ochodnica

tel.: 00421/41 3260101, 3260102, 3260103

fax: 00421/41 3260104

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